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Ancient Heart of Midwifery

Yoni Steam: Mystical Sweetness

Pelvic Hydrotherapy, or Yoni Steam, is an ancestral ritual that offers valuable benefits for female health. This practice involves sitting over vapors of specially selected herbs. By merging soothing heat with these herbs, this ancient tradition proves to be a source of balance for menstrual cycles, an ally against menstrual pain, an explorer of intimate pleasure, and a guardian of the overall health of the body. uterus, as evidenced by the stories of countless women. This ritual accompanies the sacred moments of the female journey through the world, whether it is the first moons, birth, postnatal, menopause, and much more.
Like a gentle caress of nature, it leads to relaxation of body and mind while weaving deeper links with our inner essence. By embracing this ancient tradition, we restore harmony between our being, our spirit and the natural world around us, providing a path to fulfilling feminine health.

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Lucie Nivel breast feeding Doula holistic tropical jungle river

I'm Lucy! Mom passionate about exploring the world and the richness of its ancestral traditions. My quest for a life with nature, authenticity and autonomy led me to meet indigenous peoples and nomadic tribes who deeply touched me.

Life in the great outdoors reconnected me to my feminine essence and my intuition, drawing me towards ancestral care linked to women, traditional midwifery and instinctive birth.

Marked by profound and inspiring experiences, my adventure led me to give birth by myself, in the heart of the jungle, alongside my partner. It was completely incredible!!! 

The transcendence I experienced allowed me to contact my own strength and inspired me to accompany other women in their quest for power. 

Today, as a Holistic Doula, I support femininity throughout life.

A bit of my way...


-Perineal Hydrotherapist  trained in holistic gynecology by Keli Garza at the Peristeam Institute, I share the powerful and natural benefits of Yoni Steam, this age-old practice of auto-gynecology.
-Holistic Doula, trained by Whapio The Matrona in the altered states of consciousness that a woman goes through during childbirth.
-I also learnedfirst aid care for babies and mothers during childbirth, by South African midwife Ruth Ehrhard, author of “Essential Needs of a Woman Giving Birth).
-My exploration ofvortex of birth, of thepostnatal preparation and somepain management was enriched with Karine from Quantik Mama.
-I learned careRebozo for the passages of life with Maria Libera at Humanly.

-My passion also extends toTraditional Placental Medicine, thanks to Lalita Itzoceloxochitl, Colombian midwife,
and at Tanttrattitude with Elodie Fournioux, who transmits the discovery of Self through practices ofneo-tantra.


“I really take it as a very personal and unique moment for me, something just for me and that really suits me.

It’s as if I began to establish a connection with my body, my intimacy 

These are just the beginnings, but it makes me feel good to feel it, it makes me happy 



Your Health and Safety comes first

The Yoni Steam, this powerful tool for intimate well-being, requires initiation by a certified professional.

Inappropriate use of plants or poor execution of steam can have harmful consequences for health, and it should in no case replace medical advice or treatment.





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