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A wonderful creation, invented and designed with love by my partner Soley.
A unique, removable four-piece model, offering a way to honor femininity and maintain the purity of the uterus with Yoni Steam treatment.

In my eyes, this creation combines comfort, beauty, minimalism and primitive essence. Carved from 3-ply spruce wood and therefore very solid, this seat is the fruit of our hands. It is carefully impregnated with walnut hulls, linseed oil and turpentine to preserve its quality. To protect it, it is recommended to apply a coat of linseed oil every year.

This model is registered and its reproduction is prohibited.


The steam inlet is available in petal or diamond shape.
To use it during birth (delivery of the baby and/or placenta) please send us your request. The opening is then U-shaped.


Thank you for supporting French Artisanal Manufacturing! Each model is unique and the color and texture of the wood may vary.


The traditional ancestral ritual of Yonisteam is a practice that has been passed down for millennia across the world. From tribe to tribe, from mother to daughter, and by midwives. This is our heritage that belongs to us as women.





Dismountable Yoni steam seat in 3-ply spruce

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 2 reviews
€169.00 Regular Price
€149.00Sale Price
  • Discover our removable 3-ply spruce wood seat, a companion for the Yoni Steam ritual, combining simplicity and functionality. Made up of four pieces that are easy to assemble upon arrival, this seat embodies the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modernity.

    Its 3-ply spruce wood design, not only sturdy but also elegant, brings a natural touch to your space. The backrest is specially designed to provide gentle support for the back, allowing you to sit comfortably in a meditative position. 

    To maintain its beauty and durability over the years, we recommend applying a coat of linseed oil every year. With this seat, create a harmonious meditation corner where you can reconnect with your inner essence and your serenity.

    Weight: approximately 4kg.

    Dimensions: 50cm x 33.5cm


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
5.0 | 2 reviews